Family history

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Family history

Facing the Ocean, Villa Bel Air was built in 1875 and became guesthouse in 1911 under the leadership of Mr and Mrs Langla. The Langla couple and their team was taking care of their guests, counting the musicians Jacques Thibaud and Maurice Ravel, among the most frequent.

Came the turn of their niece, who became owner. She continued to receive tourists, the Languereau family (author of Snipe, see below) which reserved the rooms with balcony on the 1st floor at Easter time, from one year to the next.

In the family tradition and rich of many experiences, the son and his wife took the place. Together they orchestrate and beautify the Villa Bel Air for many years.

It is now the fourth generation turn and they welcome you in this great Villa Basque, full of history.

Family history - Bel Air

Old St Jean de Luz

Saint Jean de Luz is an authentic city with a rich past. The marriage of Louis XIV with the Infanta Maria Theresa, daughter of King Philip IV of Spain, at St.
Jean Baptist Church, June 9 1660 was one of the major dates in the history of this city.

Subsequently the many visits of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie leaded to important works, including breakwaters construction. Born from the Sea, Saint Jean de Luz was the Mecca of fishing, became through the centuries a seaside renown resort, which preserved the traditions.

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They stayed at the Villa Bel Air, and are part of its history ....
Thanks to all our custumers for theirs little notes and their sympathies.

Becassine in the Basque country

A place conducive to writing
Hotel Villa Bel Air welcomed the Languereau family, who fell under the spell of the Basque coast in 1924. They returned there until 1939 every year.
Mr. Languereau, the author of Becassine, used its free time to write and develop new stories.


Maurice Ravel, famous French compositer of the 20th century, stayed at the Hotel Villa Bel Air during his summer holidays.
Thanks to the kind welcome of Mrs Pees Ramirez, he could enjoy the view of the bay and the port of Saint Jean de Luz from his usual room.
He wrote on our guestbook in August 1930 :

“Once again, you have made my Luzien stay delicious. I have for your breakfasts facing the sea, an immoderate love. Back in Paris this winter, I will keep both the image and the taste. Your discreet and affectionate presence has contributed for many to the rest of my soul and my body. Thank you for this. “

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