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  • Hôtel sur la baie de saint jean de luz au pays basque
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Hotel 3 étoiles Villa Bel Air


Villa Bel-Air is a cozy family hotel, which has memory, an authentic atmosphere and a great story.
For over 100 years, the same family welcomes you in their cozy Basque 19th century villa, transformed into a 3 stars hotel .
The breathtaking view of the bay of Saint Jean de Luz, the main beach not even 10 meters, the personalization of its rooms ... all these assets will seduce you.
From Easter to mid-November, enjoy every moment at the Villa Bel-Air Hotel.

Room side

The Hotel Villa Bel Air of Saint Jean de Luz, offers 20 non-smoking rooms, quiet and comfortable, most of them have full views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Fort of Socoa. Each room has its own bathroom or shower and toilet...

Breakfast side

From 7:30 a.m to 10:00 a.m, in our breakfast room with terrace and sea view, enjoy a buffet consisting mainly of fresh local products.
A continental breakfast can also be served in your room at the same hours.
Pets are not allowed in the breakfast room.


Languages spoken English, French, Spanish
Parking in the Hotel garden Free, limited and can't be booked
Relaxation areas Bar/Tea room, terrace with ocean view
Services available
Reception / Night auditor 24h / 24h, Safe, Lift, Bar / Coffee tea room, Bicycle garage, storage room for luggage, Terrace with ocean view, Room service, french newspapers.
Garage space 12,00 € / day (reservation required)
Baby bed 10,00 € / day (reservation required)
Breakfast 11,00 € / pers (continental breakfast in the rooms or a buffet in front of the beach in breakfast room)
Pet supplement (less than 5 kilos) 12,00 € /day (reservation required)
Municipal tax 0,90 € / day /pers

Any stay is confirmed paying a deposit fixed the day of booking.
Group rates , please contact us.